Mommy with the Angels

Mommy with the Angels
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04 January 2010

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To all new coming mama out there, nak share sket pasal satu supplement utk IQ, brain, etc for baby. During pregnant, dokter sarankan amik vegecap ni utk baby dlm perut ni. And aku mmg dah amik bende ni mase ngandungkan anak no.2 lagi.Mmg bagus la & aku pon dah survey kat internet, bende ni mmg famous bagi yg mengandung & menyusukan. Harga x la mahal,& blh find out kat mane2 klinik or farmasi.Cume lain kedai lain harge maybe.Have a look guys..

What is NeuroGain® PB Vegicaps®* ?

Neurogain® PB is a natural, customized, standardized, refined purified, high quality formulation of conditionally Essential Fatty Acids for Pregnant and Breast-feeding women. Now available in vegetable capsules made in Germany, Neurogain® PB is DHA high, EPA low with AA and OA to help Pregnant and Breast-feeding women meet important pre and peri natal nutritional requirements in essential fatty acids. Neurogain® PB is scientifically formulated in line with international recommendations for essential fatty acids supplementation early in life.

Why a vegetable capsule ?

Unlike capsules from beef or pork materials, vegetable capsules (Vegicaps® Soft)* have a multicultural appeal while showing proven chemical and physical stability with low odor, taste and aftertaste.

Who needs NeuroGain® PB ?
Pregnant and Breast-feeding women
Pregnant women with a history of low birth weight babies, pre-term births
Frequent, multiple pregnancies
Pregnant women allergic to fish and eggs
Poor, unbalanced maternal diet

When is the best time to take NeuroGain® PB ?

At meal time for better absorption and compliance. When eating, the fats in the meal will improve the absorption of Neurogain® PB essential fatty acids like DHA in the body.
Is it safe to use NeuroGain® PB ?

Yes, NeuroGain® PB is a natural DHA supplement of EFAs. The EPA level is low in line with WHO and ISSFAL recommendations for DHA supplementation at an early stage of life. NeuroGain® PB is not a drug.


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